Conceptual Curriculum

Our Lady of the Assumption Conceptual Curriculum is structured around four overarching conceptual understandings across the school. There is one conceptual understanding per year over a 4-year rotation.  

Teachers design learning opportunities around each year’s concept so that students strengthen and deepen their understanding of the concept by learning through at least three contexts. By learning through more than one context, students can transfer their ideas and understandings across contexts.  Programmes are designed with the learning areas being integrated where there are authentic connections.
Students begin to unpack the concepts from the conceptual understanding through connections at a personal, local, national & global level depending on what is appropriate for them. 
Students begin to unpack the concepts from a personal perspective in order to connect them with the learning.  This also brings out their prior knowledge which can be used for formative assessment and as a starting point for measuring learning progress.    
CHANGE happens for a variety of reasons and the outcome may offer challenges or opportunities.
IDENTITY and BELONGING may be shaped by characteristics and environment.   
RELATIONSHIPS have connections and consequences.   
CREATORS & INNOVATORS may take risks to express ideas or solve problems.