Rutherford Team

Self-directed learning at Our Lady of the Assumption School

At Our Lady of the Assumption School, our mission statement aims for our students to be “Respectful, Responsible, Lifelong Learners who live their Faith every day”.

Within each team and their respective learning programmes, our students are encouraged to direct their own learning through various forms and activities.

Opportunities for self-directed learning for our students increase as they progress through the school, culminating in their 2 years in the Hillary Hub.

Self-directed learning in the Rutherford Team (Yr 0-2)

Play is a major part of our Rutherford Team learners’ day.

Our Year 0-2 students have a ‘Learning through play’ focus which occurs alongside the Maths and Instructional Reading programme. When not part of the Instructional Teaching time, the opportunity is there for them to choose the activity of choice.

In addition to this, every Friday from 11.00-12.15 all children in the Rutherford Team have TRUMP (Acronym formed from 5 Core Competencies of the NZ Curriculum – Thinking; Relating to others; Using Language, Symbols and Texts; Managing self; Participating and contributing).

This Learning Through Play time is spread around all of the classrooms in the team. This provides a great opportunity for our junior students to develop their co-operative and problem solving skills.