The school uniform is available for purchase from Mainland Uniforms and can be viewed on their website. This can be purchased either online or in store.

This uniform can be worn over both the summer and winter seasons.

  • Monogrammed green polo top with white trim or a white shirt  
  • Navy culottes.
  • Navy drill shorts – monogrammed with O.L.A.
  • Senior girls (Year 7 & 8) have an additional choice of the option of the gordan tartan senior skirt (in polyester not wool).

Options for Layering: 

  • Short sleeved poly-prop in the colours of bottle green, navy or white (as long as it can’t been seen underneath the chosen school uniform top).
  • Bottle green winter jersey, cardigan, and polar fleece.


  • Either a plain black or navy jacket or the navy soft shell monogrammed uniformed jacket.


  • Navy blue school sunhat.


  • Navy ankle sock. 
  • Navy wool long sock. 
  • Navy wool tights.


  • MUST be completely black.
  • Black traditional school shoe.
  • Black athletic style school shoes with a black sole.
  • Black sandal without socks (note: recommended black closed toe sandal for safety).

Sports’ Uniform 

Years 3 to 8 wear the school sports uniform for PE/sports as advised by your class teacher. This can be purchased through the school office.

Second-Hand Uniforms

The PTA accepts donations of second-hand uniform that is clean and in good condition, which will be available for parents to purchase.  Proceeds from the sale of donated items will be used  by the PTA for the benefit of the school.

Second-hand uniforms are sold fortnightly on a Wednesday from 2.45 p.m. – 3.15 p.m. in the room to the left of our school toilets.  There will be a sign out each fortnight to show you exactly where!  Our next second-hand uniform sale for 2023 is the 8th of March.  

If you wish to make you payment via internet banking to the PTA bank account, the number is 03 1594 0014948 00.

Uniform Regulations

We expect all children to take pride in their uniform and that parents/caregivers ensure that the children have the correct form of dress. If any item of uniform is not worn, we ask that your child bring a note to his/her class teacher explaining the reason for this.
  • Children with long hair must not wear it loose.  It is to be tied back with a dark green, navy blue or black hair tie/scrunchie.  If you are using a small elastic hair tie then it could also be the colour of your child’s hair. 
  • Jewellery is not to be worn at school. Those with pierced ears are to wear small studs only.
  • Coloured nail polish is not allowed at any time.

Second-Hand Uniforms