‘We are Respectful, Responsible, Life Long Learners who live our Faith every day’.

At Our Lady of the Assumption School, we have 4 key Values which guide your child(ren) throughout their school journey from Year 0 – Year 8.

These Values are ….

* Respect

* Responsiblity

* Life long learning

* Faith

Our children work at different stages within these values … they start off with being a ‘Seed’, then progress on to the ‘Seedling’ stage, before moving on to being a ‘Sapling’ then ultimately becoming a ‘Tree’.

In addition to these values underpinning everything we do, one value is specifically focussed on in each Value Assembly. These assemblies occur twice a term and are run by our Young Vinnie’s Leadership Team.

These values at Our Lady of the Assumption School are displayed in every classroom/learning environment. This is so that the children are able to reflect on where they are, where they have been and where they are working towards.