What you need to know about starting school at OLA!

Here is some important information to help you and your child settle in ….

Religious Education

*Religious Education is taught 3 times a week.
*Each day starts with Prayers and the singing of a hymn.
*Grace is said each day before lunch.
*The day ends with a final prayer.
School timetable 
(Monday – Thursday)
*Prayers, Maths then Writing
*Morning tea
*Fitness then Literacy
*Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays – RE, Topic/Art.  
*Tuesday afternoons – PE/Singing
Friday 11.00-12.15 – all children in the Rutherford Team (Years 0-2)  have TRUMP (Acronym formed from 5 Core Competencies of the NZ Curriculum – Thinking; Relating to others; Using Language, Symbols and Texts; Managing self; Participating and contributing).  This is Learning Through Play time spread around some of the classrooms in the team. 
Learning through play

This occurs alongside with our Maths and Instructional Reading. When the children are not part of Instructional Teaching time the opportunity is there for them to choose their activity of choice.

Helpful skills for your child to have before they start school

*Know who Jesus is and that his Mother is Mary and Foster Father Joseph. 
*Count to 10 and back from 10. 
*Write their name or the first initial of their name.
*Be familiar with drawing and colouring in.
*Have some knowledge of the alphabet.
*Have appreciation of books and like listening to stories.
*Be able to carry their own bags, recognise their name, be able to pack their bags/reading folders.
*Recognise their own lunch boxes and drink bottles (Please bring a drink bottle each day)
*Be able to look through a picture book quietly
*Sit on mat with legs crossed ready to listen
School bell times
8:55 School day begins
10:30 Morning tea
10:50 Class time
12:15 Lunchtime
1:00 Toilet, wash hands and back to class
2:00-2.10 Break
3:00 Hometime